Thursday, May 3, 2012

Final Observations

With one final exam to go my freshman year is winding down. I’m sad to leave this all behind but I’m ready to go home for the summer. I’ve spent some time reflecting on my freshman year and I’m finishing this blog with eight final observations.  

1. Time really does fly. It seems cliché to say but this past year has gone by so fast! It’s crazy to say my freshman year of college is basically over but I have so many great memories that made it unforgettable. As I’m thinking about packing to move out I can’t help but look back on move-in. It seems like everything is so different, but really still the same.

2. Nothing matters if you have your friends. It’s important to have friends who understand you inside and out. This past year I’ve really realized how big of a difference it makes to have those few close friends you can be yourself with, vent to, or just do stupid things with. And I think that was one of my fears coming into college was not finding that group of people. But I’m happy to say I did!

3.  I have actually learned a significant amount in my classes these past two semesters. As I’m studying for all my exams I realized how much knowledge I really have gained.  I’ve taken philosophy and theology classes, subjects that I’ve never studied before. I’ve learned so much more about biology, something that really interests me. And I’ve studied healthcare, an issue so relevant in today’s world. I feel that I’ve become so well rounded in only my first ten classes as a college student and I’m looking forward to the next three years.

4. I wish that our campus was closer to the city. Although I love Hawk Hill and think it is beautiful I sometimes wish we were closer to Philadelphia. Not that it is hard to walk to Overbrook and take the train to Suburban station, I just feel like it is inconvenient. It would be nice for the city to be right there, but I guess that’s asking a little too much.

5. SJU needs to have more food on campus. Pretty self-explanatory but I think I speak for a lot of students when I say I got tired of Campion quickly. Even though we do have DB and Cosi on 54th, I think SJU should provide more quality food options for students.

6. Saint Joe’s student body is not very diverse. This is not a bad thing, just an observation. I feel like this campus is filled with the same type of people. I’m from a town where I have grown up with friends of all races. Some of my best friends from home are Korean, Indian, African American, and Guyanese and it’s definitely a change to come here. I think I used to take diversity for granted but now I am so thankful I grew up in that environment.

7. I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life but now I’m not so sure. Since the end of high school, I knew I wanted to do something involving healthcare. I decided on something that seemed so perfect for me. But now I’m hesitant. I can’t really put my finger on anything that has made me change my mind but I do know for sure I am uncertain about my future. I know I have plenty of time to figure it all out but the uneasiness scares me a little.

8. I miss my family. It has really been hard being away from my family, even though I love being at school and do get to visit home on occasional weekends. I am so close with my sisters that being away has been so different. I miss out on things at home and phone calls with my mom never fail to make my day better. As stupid as it sounds some nights I wish I was home laying on the couch with my sisters watching The Bachelor and laughing at my dog snoring. It’s nice to know that is exactly what I will be doing in less than 48 hours.